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Independent Media

In recent years we've become very good at painting the scary picture of climate change and our future on this planet. We at Transition Ipswich now believe it's time to start painting a different picture, a more inspiring picture of a future that is worth striving towards, a future where we've succeeded in overcoming the challenges of climate change and our dangerous reliance on fossil fuels.

We can draw on the work of premier independent filmmakers such as Schnews, Undercurrents, Indymedia, Clearchannel and other individual filmmakers.

At the film evening on March 18th 2010 we will be considering the place of independent grass roots media in empowering and informing our communities on the challenges that lie ahead as a result of peak oil and climate change, and discussing the place of national (government influenced) mainstream media in portraying climate change issues to the masses.

The films we'll be showing on March 18th are: