Stoke Park Wood

Stoke Park Wood

A small pocket of woodland from a long gone estate, this is a valuable green space with mature trees and open wildflower meadow. It is cared for by Greenways and local volunteers including the Friends of Belstead Book Park.

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Action Plan for Stoke Park Wood

The Greenways Countryside Project manages Stoke Park Wood, assisted by the Friends of Belstead Brook Park. The site is a County Wildlife Site and a Local Nature Reserve.

Management Objectives

  1. To maintain and enhance the wildlife diversity of the wood and adjacent grassland.
  2. To maintain the size of the meadow area.
  3. To soften the visual appearance of the boundaries.
  4. To encourage local public use, interest and involvement

Management Activities

  • Coppice a strip around the edges of the wood, on a 10-12 year rotation, and create dead hedges.
  • Regularly cut grass verges and grass path through meadow during the growing season, and keep vegetation alongside paths trimmed back.
  • Annual cut of the meadow to maintain grassland habitat (including encouraging growth of wild flowers), with cut material raked off and piled up to provide a habitat for reptiles, invertebrates and small mammals.
  • Create glades by coppicing to provide valuable habitats for invertebrates and allow light to reach the woodland floor.
  • Annual cut of planted hedge along the northern boundary to restrict height and encourage bushy growth.
  • Trim the outside boundaries on adjacent paths and pavements.
  • Propose that the chain link fence along northern boundary is replaced with post and rail fencing (with stock netting) to soften the visual appearance of the boundary. Consult local residents on this proposal.
  • Remove sycamore and laurel.
  • Create habitat features (e.g. stag beetle pyramids).
  • Dredge and maintain the ditch system to encourage the growth of marginal species e.g. Brooklime and gypsywort.
  • Surveys of birds, reptiles, bats and flora.
  • The fence behind the scout hut is falling down. With agreement with the neighbours this should be replaced with a post and rail fence with stock netting.
  • Pick litter
  • Clean information boards

A map of Stoke Park Wood is shown on the following page.

The complete Management Plan is available from Greenways Project,


Stoke Park Wood - Map
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