Whitton Footpaths

The aim is to produce a leaflet describing interesting walks in the Whitton area, to encourage residents to get out in the countryside more.

As a first step, two routes have been identified:

  • one via Akenham and Claydon Hall
  • a second to Henley

Further information needs to be gathered about these routes (descriptions of points of interests, photos).

At the present time we don’t have anyone identified to progress this work.

There are two additional issues:

  1. most of the established paths within the Ipswich Borough boundary are not Public Rights of Way (SCC is addressing this, but this is likely to take a long time)
  2. it’s difficult to form circular walks using just Rights of Way – some of the paths that you’d like to use aren’t designated as Rights of Way

View location of Whitton on Google Maps.

Action Plan for Whitton Footpaths

Document first walk route (as example for further routes)

(“First route” goes via Akenham and Claydon Hall)

1. Ask David Falk if he can produce attractive map of the route
2. Walk the route again:

  • checking the map
  • identify points of interest and making notes
  • taking photos
  • take video?

3. Write up route (with photos). Add points of interest markers to map.

Whitton Lane & Fisks Lane (including loop to Whitton 1)

4. Produce flyer to solicit user evidence, and distribute to NW BLT, Whitton Primary & local church
5. Collate responses; pass contact details to Ipswich Ramblers.
6. Monitor vegetation and litter on these paths
7. Organise (regular) work parties to cut vegetation &/or remove litter as required – if problematic, could ask Greenways if they could help with this
8. SCC will add these paths to Definitive Map if there is sufficient user evidence

Paths around Church Farm (behind Thurleston School)

9. Track SCC progress with Creation Agreement and with clearing paths

Document further walk routes

10. Identify and document aditional walks (Including walk route via Henley).

Produce walks leaflet

(lack of Rights of Way is still an issue for doing this)
11. Ask David Falk to provide training session
12. Produce and distribute walks leaflet in conjunction with David Falk