Housing Development of Belstead Meadows

The rumours that we reported previously in our newsletters that the new owners of Belstead House estate were considering building on their part of Belstead Meadows have proved correct.

They have now submitted plans for the development of the whole of the Belstead House estate to Babergh District Council and these maybe viewed at Babergh District Council’s Planning offices and on their website reference B/14/01377 (Alternate Reference: PP-03587868). The plans submitted detail the building of 155 houses and a 65 bedroom care home.

On your behalf the FoBBP committee feel we should object as a group to the part of the plans that builds on what was part of Belstead Meadows. We will also keep members fully informed of all developments but we will not be organising a campaign against it. Members can make representation to their local and district councillors on the plans and Babergh has a leaflet on how to make a formal comment on planning applications that is available online.

It will be a great shame if this area gets built on, as together with the rest of Belstead Meadows it forms a lovely open space area for the local residents to stroll around and enjoy its wonderful panoramic views.

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