Motor bike problem in Belstead Brook park

The increasing problem of motor bike usage in and around Belstead Brook park area has recently surfaced in the local press with two articles appearing in the EADT of local residents complaining that they were suffering ‘hell on wheels’ and ‘that they were being terrorised by illegal scrambler riding’ ( and

One keen motocross enthusiast replied that ‘they were not a bad bunch’ and called for the track to be made official with restricted usage times (

However, James Baker (Park Manager, Greenways) rejected the idea citing safety of people legitimately using the park and Insp Andy Pursehouse stated that our parks are not racetracks and motor bikes could only be used on private land with the landowner’s prior consent and provided they did not cross a public footpath. James Baker added that the police had been clearly informed before by the local landowners that motor bikers have not been given permission to use their land. (

Hopefully this problem will now fade away as word get around. If there any more problems of this kind they should be reported to the police either by phoning 101 or using their website:


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