A River for All

River GippingThe River Gipping running through Ipswich, along with its associated cycle-ways, paths, bridges and green spaces – allows local people to enjoy relatively traffic-free routes to and from town, work, school and other facilities.

Along the river there are opportunities for you to walk and cycle for leisure or commuting, walk your dog, watch wildlife, go fishing, enjoy your lunch break, have a picnic, run, or simply enjoy the pleasant surroundings and escape from your busy life! The river offers a unique perspective on the town, its buildings, artworks, history and wildlife, that you cannot appreciate from the roads.

Although land alongside the river is in different ownerships, there is access along at least one bank all the way from Stoke Bridge to the old sugar factory and beyond. Green spaces alongside the river include Alderman Canal Local Nature Reserve, the Old Cattle Yard, West End Road Wildflower Bank, Riverside Road Meadow and the Skate Park near Stoke Bridge.

Different sections of the river have very different characteristics – some are tidal and have concrete and steel banks, others are freshwater and more natural looking. Different wildlife species use these varied habitats and provide interest and surprises to the passer-by. Otters and water voles have been seen at Alderman Canal, estuary birds such as oystercatcher, cormorant and little egret, are common sights on the tidal stretches. The West End Road Wildflower Bank and Riverside Road Meadow have a wide range of plants, insects, amphibians and reptiles.


River leaflet cover

A printed leaflet is available, containing a map of the River Path. This is available from the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre in St Stephen’s Lane, the Reg Driver Centre in Christchurch Park or by contacting the Greenways Project.

Two versions of the leaflet are available to download (PDF format):

  1. River Leaflet for onscreen viewing (0.6MB)
  2. River Leaflet for printing on A4 paper (0.4MB)
    (when printing from Acrobat Reader select ‘Print Scaling’ option ‘Fit to Printable Area’).