The whole environment is much more
than the sum of its individual parts

The impact of human activities on the natural world is extensive. We are destroying habitats and consuming resources at an alarming rate. Organic growing methods can play a positive part in reversing this trend.

It is well known that tropical rain forests are disappearing. It is not so obvious that the British countryside is also suffering. It is not possible to reclaim land that has been lost to roads, or drained for agriculture. It is not possible to remove complex pesticides, such as DDT, from the food chain. It is possible, however, to create a safe place for both ourselves and wildlife in our gardens. At the same time, we contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables organically means you can produce safe, healthy food with a minimum of damage to the environment. Buying organically grown food supports growers who use environmentally safe production methods.

We are a group of about 200 enthusiastic organic gardeners. We meet 9 times a year for talks and demonstrations on gardening. The group has been growing steadily in its 10 years of life and we now have a comprehensive library, and a bulk buying scheme which gives us a huge discount on seeds, organics fertilizers, netting, Maxicrop and Enviromesh.

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every part of this earth

is sacred to my people . . . . .

the sap which courses through

the trees carries the

memories of the red people . . . . .

we are part of this earth

and it is part of us

Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle was a 19th Century native American chief who drew attention to white people's lack of awareness of the earth and the living world.